PMPC will endeavour to put individuals into teams based on their individual requests relating to practice times, their availability and their level of commitment.
Each team should have 20 paddlers, a steersperson, a drummer, plus 2 spares (PMPC suggests teams limit themselves to a maximum of 24 members).


This is the 'original' Pitt Meadows Paddling Club Team.  Entering our 6th year, our ladies dragonboat team hits the water on Tuesday evenings.  More pictures of the team can be viewed in our Photo Gallery on Flikr.

Al-O-Wetters Team Photo

Al-O-Wetters Paddling








Diggin Dragons

This is Diggin' Dragons 3nd year at Pitt Meadows Paddling Club. We were a new team in 2013 and we thought it would be fun to compete at the Harrison Hot Springs Regatta in July. For many of our paddlers this was their first time paddling and they were a little unsure about competing...but when the day was done, they were already talking about 2014.

We are a mixed dragon boat team.


 Dragon Boating is a very popular sport around the world for men and women, young and old. Paddlers are participating in festivals everywhere. We will be taking new paddlers in the spring.

moonriseDiggin Dragons Diggin Dragons Harrison 


Outrigger Program


 All Winter long a group of hardy paddlers brave the elements every Saturday morning at 8:30 am and Sunday mornings to paddle Outrigger Canoes on our rivers. As many as 12 and as few as 3 paddlers have plied the waters of the Alouette and Pitt Rivers in pursuit of exercise, camaraderie, and fun. The weekend paddles will continue for all four seasons and a weekday night (Wednesday) will be added in April for our outrigger paddlers.