Sprint Canoe & Kayak Racing

"Sprint CanoeKayak is all about speed on the water. Strength, technique, endurance and raw speed are all elements of this impressive Olympic discipline. In addition to the most elite athletes, sprint paddling can be enjoyed by kids as young as five and Masters paddlers into their 80s. It’s a sport that involves the entire body, including the legs which push and pull to generate power with the stroke. Elite athletes train for hours each week on the water, in the gym and through a variety of cross-training activities to be in peak physical condition."

Taken from Canoe Kayak Canada web site

Sprint racing takes place on a straight course divided in lanes, on calm water. The distances recognized for international races are 200 m, 500 m, and 1000 m. Each boat has its own designated lane, except for races exceeding 1000 m, where there also may be turning points. One, two, and four person canoes and kayaks are used.


2017 Youth Sprint Paddling

The sprint season is now in session at PMPC! Paddlers who have already completed an assessment with Coach Nick are ready to begin the Sprint Program. 

For the summer months, we have 3 programs available to youth interested in paddling:


Beginner Sprint

Regatta Ready

Sprint Development


Designed for youth who:

  • are new to sprint canoe and kayak
  • might have participated in CanoeKids Summer Camps
  • are interested in spending time paddling, but also want to have fun!

Designed for youth who:

  • have already participated in CanoeKids Summer Camps
  • have basic understanding and comfort level in paddling in canoes and/or kayaks
  • are interested in developing their skills as a sprint paddler

Designed for youth who:

  • have previously participated in a sprint program, OR,
    • have achieved the platinum CanoeKids award, OR,
    • have been assessed by the Coach and invited to participate
  • are interested in developing their paddling technique, strength, and endurance

Tuesdays 3 - 5 pm

Fridays 12 - 4 pm

Mondays 12 - 5 pm

Tuesdays 12 - 2 pm

Thursdays 12 - 5 pm

Fridays 12 - 2 pm


Program Costs:

  • $50 PMPC Kids Membership
  • $20-$70 CKBC Insurance
  • Contact Director of Club Programs for more information.

Program Costs:

  • $50 PMPC Kids Membership
  • $20-$70 for CKBC Insurance
  • Coaching for July $195
  • Coaching for August $255

Program Costs:

  • $50 PMPC Kids Membership
  • $20-$70 CKBC Insurance
  • Coaching for July $195
  • Coaching for August $255


If you still need to have a paddling assessment completed, please email the Director of Club Programs.



All paddlers are encouraged to participate in the BC Cup Series races. These races are designed to give young paddlers the opportunity to compete in a fun, relaxed environment. There are both sprint and long distance races, as well as races in a variety of boats (singles, doubles, and fours). See the BC Cup Series web page for details.


Sprint Races for the 2017 Season:

  • BC Cup #1 (Long Distance) - April 30 - Burnaby Lake
  • BC Cup #2 - July 15-16 - Kamloops
  • Ridge Invitational - July 29 - Ridge Canoe & Kayak Club @ Whonnock Lake
  • BC Cup #3 - August 12-13 - Nanaimo
  • Pacific Cup / U15 Provincial Championships - September 9-10 - Maple Ridge


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