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PMPC Groups 2017


For more information about our school programs, please view our 2018 Groups Information Flyer.
Each person participating with a group must bring a signed insurance waiver (these can be emailed to you).


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School Group Testimonials

Teacher comments:

  • "Students are able to view our local wildlife and explore our local waterways."
  • "Dragon Boat paddling provides an alternate environment for physical activity."
  • "We paddle rain or shine so students are encouraged to embrace west coast weather."
  • "I like to expose students to a variety of life long physical activities."
  • "Paddling expands the walls of the classroom by providing an outdoor, cooperative, physical activity."

Student comments:

  • Kirsten: "I liked seeing the animals - the harbour seals, herons and salmon."
  • Nicholas: "Dragon boating was exciting! A great experience. Canoeing in the rain was the best time."
  • Kailee: "Thank you for teaching us how to dragon boat."
  • Sam: "I had a lot of fun seeing the animals." 
  • Logan: "I liked paddling up and down the river."
  • Jenny: "Dragon boating was really fun and excellent exercise. Until now, I'd never been on a boat."
  • Marc: "I loved the races. I think my arms are stronger now."
  • Gina: "I liked seeing the jumping fish."