Membership Information

A membership at the Pitt Meadows Paddling Club offers special perks and year-round access to paddling around northern Pitt Meadows. More information and pricing below!

Members at the PMPC have a few unique benefits, including:

  • Ability to participate in any of the PMPC paddling programs
  • Access to special Members-ONLY Recreational Paddling and free access to Recreational Paddling
  • Participate in workshops and paddling clinics (some may have a small additional costs to cover outside coaching fees)
  • Represent the Club at races
  • Year-round access to PMPC facilities
  • Ability to store private boats at the club, for an additional fee

We offer three types of membership packages, for adults, youths, and families.

 Adult Membership

 $180 + GST = $189

 For people 18 and over.

 Youth Membership

 $100 + GST = $105

 For people under the age of 17.

 Family Membership

 $400 + GST = $420

 For families of two adults and two youths.