Membership Information


PLEASE note that PMPC is not operational right now. We are looking for an appropriate location. Memberships are available to support the work of the club in this off time here.

A membership at the Pitt Meadows Paddling Club offers special perks and year-round access to paddling around northern Pitt Meadows. More information and pricing below!

Members at the PMPC have a few unique benefits, including:

  • Ability to participate in any of the PMPC paddling programs
  • Access to special Members-ONLY Recreational Paddling and free access to Recreational Paddling
  • Participate in workshops and paddling clinics (some may have a small additional costs to cover outside coaching fees)
  • Represent the Club at races
  • Year-round access to PMPC facilities
  • Ability to store private boats at the club, for an additional fee

We offer three types of membership packages, for adults, youths, and families.

 Adult Membership

 $180 + GST = $189

 For people 18 and over.

 Youth Membership

 $100 + GST = $105

 For people under the age of 17.

 Family Membership

 $400 + GST = $420

 For families of two adults and two youths.