Dragon Boat

Our paddling season is currently from April to October.

Dragon Boat TeamPMPC will endeavour to put individuals into teams based on their individual requests relating to practice times, their availability and their level of commitment.

Each team should have 20 paddlers, a steersperson, a drummer, plus 2 spares (PMPC suggests teams limit themselves to a maximum of 24 members).

For safety and insurance reasons, everyone in the boat must be a member of PMPC.
Team changes and inclusions must be recorded and submitted to the club representative before the team goes on the water.

Teams must have at least 14 paddlers and a qualified steersperson in the boat to use the club dragon boat during their practice time.

PMPC encourages paddlers to purchase their own paddles and PFD's.

****PMPC fees - A membership in the club is $110, with a $10 discount for those who have their own paddles and PFD's.  Teams may charge additional fees to cover such incidentals as coaching, entries, uniforms etc.

Club Fundraising - In addition to fees, PMPC invites each team to participate in a major fundraising event each year.  These funds will go towards club development, maintenance, moorage, and other related club expenses.

Optional Fees - Once teams are formed they will be faced with a number of decisions.  We recommend that each team has its own treasurer to handle the team funds.

Coaching -Each team is responsible for finding their own coach suited to their needs

Coach fees normally are $25 to $100 per session based on the coach's experience and knowledge.

PMPC will help teams to find coaches to meet their needs.